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Investing in equity brings the potential for higher returns than alternatives like bank FDs, recurring deposits, gold, etc.

Invest in Dividend-yielding stocks, a great source of passive income.

Superior returns - Equity investments have historically given inflation-beating returns in the long run.

Futures & Options

Gain access to the world of derivatives market. Trade-in equity futures & options.

A great tool for hedging risk exposure. Hedge against market volatility.

Pay nominal margins and hold the position for longer (up to 3 months).



Trade in Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, and other commodities futures and options contracts.

Diversify your portfolio by investing in precious metals.

Longer trading hours - Maximizing the potential of making it a profitable day.

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Digital Gold

An excellent substitute for physical gold with a fixed annual interest rate (of 2.50%)*

Tradable on exchange - Trade with ease just like buying/selling shares on an exchange

No fear of Theft


*2.5 % on Sovereign Gold Bond



The easiest way to invest in a basket of all assets without having to buy all components individually.

Combined benefits of shares and funds Ease of trading and Diversification.

Instant liquidity, Lower expense ratio, and No exit load

Bonds & NCDs

Earn pre-defined interest by investing in fixed income instruments.

Invest by participating directly in the primary market issues. Or get deals from secondary markets.

Choose from a wide variety of Municipal Bonds, Government Bonds, and Corporate Bonds.


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Prevent unauthorized transaction in your account: Update E-mail ID / Mobile number with your stockbroker. Receive alerts on your registered mobile number or email at the end of the day directly from exchange. Link PAN with Aadhaar : As per SEBI directive, link your PAN with Aadhaar before September 30, 2021 to keep using your trading account… – Issued in the Interest of Investors